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From his true name Lucien Ginzburg, Serge Gainsbourg was born on April 2, 1928 in Paris, of Russian Joseph and Olga, emigrants, refugees in Paris after having fled the civil war.
With the arrival of the war, the Ginzburg family leaves to take refuge in the area of Dismisses. Of return in Paris in 1944, it is registered during the large Thatched cottage and starts the study of a passion which will never succeed: painting.

In 1948, it carries out its military service. It is sent to the disciplinary camp of Sensitive to the cold or it becomes marksman to the machine-gun. His finished time, Lucien recovers to paint, testing various kinds and passing from figurative to surrealism, forking towards dadaism and returning has its first loves: the figurative one.
In 1955, it precisely takes over of his father as a pianist in Touquet with the Club of the drill.
Then, Lucien east engages as pianist with the Milord cabaret Arsouille. II benefits from it to change patronym and of first name: Ginzburg becomes Gainsbourg in honor nostalgia with the English painter Gainsborough and Lucien becomes Serge. (it found that Lucien made hairdresser's assistant).
At the summer 1958, its first album been sulky by criticism leaves. A second, then a third, always receive a very cold reception of the public. However, Serge composes for largest:Isabelle Aubret, Hugues Aufray, Brigitte Bardot, Juliette Greco, etc.
Its career flies away in 1965 with the Great Eurovision Price of the Song which it gains with France Gall, the interpreter of his song "wax Headstock, headstock of sound".
The year 1967 sees Serge making sing Brigitte Bardot: "Harley Davidson"Bonnie and Clyde "
In 1969 it is the colossal success of "I love you... me either" with Jane Birkin. Gainsbourg is at the top of its career it is as known as Beatles and becomes the largest world exporter of songs. One can nothing any more refuse to him. Also, when at the end one sabbatical year (side discs, gets along) it decides to launch out in the adventure of Melody Nelson, profits it from the total support of its phonographic company. The album turns entirely around Jane Birkin on arrangements of Jean Claude Vannier enormous success in 1971.
In 1973, Serge has his first cardiac alarm.
The year 1976 sees the concretization of an old dream: the realization of its first film "I love you me either".
In 1979 Serge surprises everyone while leaving a version re-examined and corrected "the Marseillaise". "With weapons etc." meet a success without precedents.
Serge works 24 hours a day. He written albums for Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Adjani, composes of the film BO, carries out its second films, etc. In 1981, it leaves the album "Bad News Stars" or appears for the first time famous Gainsbarre.
In 1985, Serge receives the Great Price of the Song decreed by the Minister for the Culture. Its album "Coils One The Beat" is platinum disc.
Its recognition is greeted by the public which acclaims it during five weeks with the casino of Paris.
In 1986 he writes one 33 turns for his daughter Charlotte "Charlotte For Ever" and carries out the full-length film of the same name.
In 1989 the surgeons remove a hepatic lobe to him. That does not prevent it from continuing to create: "Variation on the same one loves you" for Vanessa Paradis, "White and Black Blues" for Joelle Ursull and finally "Love of the pretences" for Birkin sublimates it. Then last film "Stan the flasher"
Never not leaving indifferent, as well by the class of these melodies as by the smoothness of these texts Serge Gainsbourg bequeathed us his inheritance on March 2, 1991, day of its death.

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