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Charlotte Gainsbourg was born on July 21, 1971 in London from famous parents, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. Protected from the media during its childhood, it is propelled on the front of the scene in 1984 with the provocative title "Lemon Incest" which it sings in duet with her father. The following year, it makes its beginnings with the cinema in "the Shameless one", film greeted by criticism and the public. However Charlotte is not yet certain of her future and privileges her studies. The vat out of pocket, it is directed towards the drawing but the proposals of film accumulates and Charlotte ended up choosing the trade of actor. In 1990, on the turning of "With the Eyes Of the World" it meets that which will become the father of its children Yvan Attal (Ben, born on June 19, 1997 and Alice-Jane, born on November 9, 2002).

Charlotte tries to diversify her roles with the cinema and makes her beginnings with the theatre affirming a recognized talent increasingly large and rewarded by César for the best second female role in 1999 for her interpretation in "the Log". In 2001, Yvan Attal gives him can be her more beautiful role to date in "My Wife Is an Actress". After the birth of his/her daughter Charlotte is selected to represent the pawnshop to carry Gerard Darel and the same year it makes its first American film to the side of Sean Penn "21 Grams". In 2004 Charlotte turns any azimuths, "They Married And Had Many Children", "Lemmings", and "One Remains, the Other Share". Charlotte is becoming one of our larger actresses and it is sure that these more beautiful roles are to be come. And as it cumulates the talents, in 2006 it leaves a new album very successful “5: 55”.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg
Actress Charlotte Gainsbourg
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