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Gainsbourg Charlotte

Nelly Furtado was born on December 2, 1980 in Victoria (Canada) parents from origins Portuguese. She knows that the music will be its trade as of the four years age and takes part with his/her mother in a choral society. Thereafter, it learns how to play of the guitar, the trombone then at the eleven years age, it is put at the training of the keyboard. Become teenager, Nelly Furtado composes her first songs. It is at the time of a stay in Toronto that it will make the determining meeting of Tallis Newkirk. It forms with him the duet "Nelstar" into 1997 which enables him to take its first steps in the professional world. It is another meeting, with the singer Gerald Eaton, who will be determining for the launching of his career. It produces, in 2000, its first album with the very pop sound "Whoa Nelly!" who will make a paperboard, in particular thanks to the title "I' m Like A Bird".

Artist supplements but not very prolific, each exit of its new album is very awaited by its fans. In 2003, with the album "Folklore" and its title "Forced" which will be the anthem of the Championship of Europe of football or more recently, in 2006 with its last opus with the sound more fun and overflowing of energy "Loose", Nelly Furtado with known to prove the vastness of its talent.

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Nelly Furtado
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