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Elodie Frégé was born on February 15, 1982 in Cosne on the Loire. It is initiated very young person with the music by her grandfather, accordionist professional. But, as recalled by his/her parents "at the beginning, Elodie was a dancer", indeed, as of the 5 years age, it takes courses of dance and a few years later, it integrates a school of dance. With the 8 years age it claims a guitar with her parents, it follows courses during 8 years and obtains its patent of traditional guitar in Bourges at the 16 years age. Elodie is thus a musician and accomplished dancer.

It was always a serious pupil. After having obtained its vat L, it is registered out of English FAC in Dijon in 2000. But English is not his trick. That of which it dreams since its youth, it is to be on scene, to dance, sing. Elodie decides to work to put money on side in order to be able to treat to a school of the trades of the spectacle in Paris.
In 2003, encouraged by his/her girlfriends, Elodie realizes a cassette for the casting of star academy, it is retained. It carries out one traverses without fault and gains the victory. Sincere, persevering and perfectionist, Elodie Frégé can hope, with the listening of its first album, follow the traces of its idols (Mariah Carey, Shakira and Lara Fabian). For its return in 2006, Elodie Frégé returns with an album sublîme ("Le Jeu Des 7 Erreurs") on which it to took a great part with the work of écritureen collaboration with Benjamin Bioloay, result: beautiful French song.

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Elodie Frege
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