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Morgan Freeman was born on June 1, 1937 in Memphis (the USA). It is raised by his grandparents and engages in the army at ten eight years when it exerts the trade of mechanic during five years. Its finished service, it settles in Los Angeles and takes courses of comedy. Decided well to earn its living in the artistic medium, it leaves to settle in New York in 1963 and takes down some roles in Broadway. From 1968, its roles become increasingly consequent and Morgan lorgne towards the television which offers some minor parts to him. Its career is a success with the theatre and if Morgan is interested in the cinema since 1979 by obtaining main thing roles in "Coriolanus" it is necessary for him to wait until 1987 and its interpretation in "the Street" to obtain a true recognition of the public and criticism.

From this moment, Morgan connects turnings and does not leave any more the top of the poster by interpreting characters also various and varied but: a prisoner in "the Escaped prisoners", a colonel in "Dreamcatcher", an artist plugs in "Danny The Dog", a police inspector in "Suspicion", God in "Powerful Bruce Tout" or a former boxer in "Million Dollar Baby". Its capacity of adaptation and the wisdom of its age does of it one of the preferred actors of the realizers and he even does not hesitate on the occasion to pass behind the camera by carrying out "Bopha!" in 1993 and two episodes of the series "Dawson". In 2006, it will be with the poster of three films and with more than forty films in less than twenty years, Morgan Freeman is an untiring actor and it is not us who will complain some.

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Morgan Freeman
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