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Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Francfort-sur-le-Main. She is the second girl of Otto Heinrich Frank and Edith Hollander. Of Jewish origin, the Frank family leaves the Nazi Germany for Holland in 1933. In 1940 Holland is occupied and in 1942 the mode Nazi forces the Jews to carry a yellow star. The father of Anne decides to hide with his family in a room hidden àl' back of his company. It is in this confined space where eight people live (Otto and Edith Frank (parents of Anne), Margot, its large sœur, Fritz Pfeffer, a Jewish dentist Mister and Mrs Van Pels and their Peter son) that Anne notes day after day in a newspaper which it calls the life "Kitty" in Achterhuis, telling with talent its fear of living hidden in this place during years, its feelings for Peter (one of the eight recluses), his conflict with his parents or his wish to become writer. August four, 1944, on the indications of an advisor, the group is stopped then off-set in Auschwitz.

Transferred one month later with her Margot sister to the camp from Bergen-Belsen, Anne finds death in March 1945 there, it was not even sixteen years old. Only the father of Anne will return from the camps of death. From return in Amsterdam, it receives hands of Miep Gies and Elly Vossen, two of the people who had taken care on them lasting the period when they lived hidden, the newspaper of Anne. It decides to make publish the writings of his daughter which quickly become a best sellers translated into several tens of languages and adapted as well to the cinema as with the theatre. Achterhuis, the house where Anne and her family hid, is a museum today.

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Anne Frank
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