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Frank Anne

- February 1, 1939: Birth of Claude François in Ismaïlia in Egypt
- July 1956: Expulsion of Egypt by Colonel Nasser who nationalizes Suez Canal
- November 5, 1960: Marriage of Claude François with Janet Woollacott
- 19 Mars 1961: Died of Aime Francois, the father of Claude
- Mars 1962: First disc of Claude François under the pseudonym of KOKO
- October 1962: Second disc but this time under its true name, first tube with Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
- Spring 1964: Emménagement de Claude in his new apartment of the 46 Exelmans boulevard, in XVIe in Paris
- Spring 1964: Purchase of the Mill with Dannemois in the Essonne
- Summer 1964: First round of summer (present also on the round: Monty, Gam' S, the Small Prince)
- September 24 at October 13, 1964: First Olympia

- 8 to December 25, 1966: Second Olympia with the first clodettes
- 1967: Claude meets Isabelle Forêt who is mannequin
- 1967: It creates its own house of disc, "Arrow"
- November 1967: Exit of As usual
- July 8, 1968: Birth of Claude Jr, wire of Cloclo
- November 15, 1969: Birth of Jean-Marc, second wire of Claude
- 19 to November 30, 1969: Third and last Olympia de Claude François
- 14 Mars 1970: Claude is victim of a faintness at the time of a concert has Marseilles
- May 1970: It is victim of a car accident: multiple traumatism, broken nose
- 1972: It creates its magazine intends to the young people, "Podium"
- May 24, 1972: Diffusion of "With the heart", emission Co-animated by Claude François and Michel Drucker
- November 21 at December 28, 1972: Round under a gigantic capital in the periphery of Paris
- June 1973: Set fire to with the Mill of Dannemois
- January 12, 1974: Claude decides to stop the scene and bids his farewell in a fantastic concert in Forest National of Brussels
- Spring 1974: It launches its magazine of charm, "Absolute"
- June 15, 1974: It reconsiders its decision and takes again the concerts
- June 24, 1974: It is accused of tax evasion
- December 15, 1974: Free concert with the profit of the handicapped children
- June 30, 1975: Concert with the profit of medical research
- August 1975: Claude is victim of an attack aiming at the Hilton hotel of London
- September 1975: Claude goes down from his helicopter and by taking again its take-off, this one is crushed
- December 1975: Claude sings in duet with the President of the Republic, Valery Giscard d'Estaing
- February 1976: First true holidays of Claude Jr, Marc and Cloclo in Finland
- July 11, 1976: Diffusion of the emission "the Band has Cloclo"
- October 15, 1976: "Black" Water exit, perfume of Claude François
- November 1976: Claude turns the first time in Funny film a "of zebra"
- 1977: Claude meets Kathleen
- June 25, 1977: Claude is taken in hunting by criminals when it drives car to go has Dannemois
- January 16, 1978: Concert with the Royal Albert Hall of London
- February 24, 1978: Last concert of Claude Francois, it is this evening in Lyon
- 10 Mars 1978: Last television of Claude.
- 11 Mars 1978: The tragedy accident which carries Claude, then 39 years old.

Freeman Morgan
Frege Elodie
Furtado Nelly
Gainsbourg Charlotte
Gainsbourg Serge
Gall France
Galliano Richard
Garner Jennifer
Gayet Julie
Gellar Sarah Michelle
Gere Richard
Gibson Mel
Gilberto Bebel


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Claude Francois
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