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Jodie Foster, its true first name is Alicia, was born on November 19, 1962 in Los Angeles. As of the two years age, it turns a multitude of publicities and six years, plays in its first telefilm. It continues thereafter to make appearances in spots and in some films in particular "Alice Is not Here any more" of Martin Scorsese in 1974. Two years later, same Martin Scorsese, proposes to him the role of a teenager prostitute in his film "Taxi Driver" at the side of Robert De Niro. Jodie is success and notoriety, it is even named with the Oscars. Despite everything, this success does not make him lose the head and Jodie is devoted fully to its studies, acceptor to turn only during the school holidays. In 1980, it is graduate French college of Los Angeles (it usually speaks our language and made it even doubling about its films) then between at the University of Yale from where it leaves in 1985 with a diploma English literature.

It takes again the way of the studios in a more assiduous way and plays in some films without great claims until 1988 or it obtains a Oscar of the best actress for her role in "the Defendants" Three years more, it reiterates the same performance with "the Lord Of the Lambs". It benefits from its new statute to produce and carry out its first film "the Small man", then eager to control all the aspect of its career, it creates its house of production: Egg Pictures. Throughout the Nineties it turns in various films among which: "Sommersby", "Maverick", "Nell", "Contact", "Anna and the King". For this last, it touched a seal of 15 million dollars, becoming thus one of the actresses best paid of Hollywood. Jodie marks two pauses in its career to give rise to two wire: Charles, born in 1998 and Kit, born in 2001. We will not know of it more bus to ensure safeguarding, Jodie does not wish to speak about its private life. Jodie makes its return in a French film in 2004: Long Sunday Of Engagement. They is its third French films after "Me, blue flower" of Eric Hung in 1977, "the blood of the others" of Claude Chabrol in 1984. In 2005, it is with the poster of the thriller "Plane Flight" then in 2006 of the police officer "Inside Man - the man Of the interior".
In spite of its nonconventional beauty, Jodie is recognized only thanks to its considerable talent of actress or director and knew to impose its trademark, for a long time, without any doubt.

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Jodie Foster
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