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Gustave Flaubert was born on December 12, 1821 in Rouen. His/her father Achille Cléophas Flaubert is the surgeon as a chief of the hotel God. Gustave, forsaken by its family which places all her hope in her brother elder, grows in a house close to the hospital where his/her practical father. It carries out a schooling without claims and obtains its baccalaureat in 1840. But the passion of the writing devours it already. Since 1837 it regularly publishes texts in the review rouennaise "Hummingbird". In 1844, after three years of right, it gives up, for health reasons (epilepsy) to continue its studies and settles in a villa at the edge of the Seine.

It is there that it completes its first version of "Sentimental Education". In 1846, her father then his sister die, Flaubert is affected, but finds courage and taste with the life by meeting Louise Collet who will become her mistress.
In 1852, it begins the writing of "Mrs Bovary" whom it will complete four years and half later, because for Flaubert, the writing of a novel is a long process which requires an important documentation. In 1857, following the publication of "Mrs Bovary" in "the review of Paris", one brings to him a lawsuit for attack with the moralities: it is discharged.
The publication in 1862 of its historical novel on Carthage, "Salammbô", is a success. In 1863, it attends much the Parisian evenings where it meets George Sand. This meeting will give rise to a long friendship and an abundant correspondence. From 1864 to 1869, Flaubert writes second "Sentimental Education" that criticisms ridicule. The book is sold very badly. In 1872, the death of his/her mother plunges Flaubert in a great loneliness.
In 1874, it publishes the third version of "the Temptation Of Saint-Anthony", new work that criticism disapproves. Associated family financial problems, this failure does not leave marble Flaubert. On the councils of George Sand, he writes "Three Tales" in less than two years. He receives finally the praises of criticism and goes back to work with even more heat, but leaves his last unfinished novel. Gustave Flaubert dies on May 8 1880 of a cerebral haemorrhage.

Principal works :
Madame Bovary (1857)
Salammbo (1862)
L'Education sentimentale (1869)
La Tentation de Saint Antoine (1874)
Trois contes (1877)
Bouvard et Pécuchet (1881, publication posthume)
Dictionnaire des idées reçues (1911, publication posthume)

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Gustave Flaubert
Writer Gustave Flaubert
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