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Patrick Fiori was born on September 23, 1969 in Marseilles from a father of Armenian origin and a Corsican mother. It is on Corsica, in Cargèse exactly, that it grows in the medium of his brothers and sisters. Its extraordinary voice leads it to frequently sing at the time of the family celebrations, then later in radios hooks. It also takes part in a musical in 1982 in Marseilles. In 1986, persuaded that it can make a success of in the song, the Patrick young person goes up to Paris to take part in an emission of television discoverer of new talents ("Sunday clothes"). There remain seven weeks in string and especially that enables him to take a first step in the world of the spectacle since as of the following year he makes the first parts of Gilbert Montagné.

Patrick has a place slowly but surely in the show biz and in 1993 Patrick represents France with the contest of Eurovision and as of the following year it own-produced its first album. But success is long in coming and it is only in 1998 with its interpretation in "Our Injury Of Paris" that its career explodes finally. The same year it signs for the house of Sony disc and leaves a recorded album to Montreal with the producer Lara Fabian (with which it will live some time before falling into the arms from Julie Zénatti): "It is". From 2000, Patrick gives up his role in the musical which returned it celebrates and devotes himself full-time with his career solo. He leaves since on average an album every two years. For the latest to date, "If One Sang more extremely" left in 2005 it associated the talents of sizes like Jean-Jacques Goldman, Jean Kapler where Julie Zénatti to deliver an album plus rock'n'roll to us and more ends that the precedents.

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Patrick Fiori
Singer Patrick Fiori
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