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Fiori Patrick

Thomas Fersen, from his true name Mohamed Harinordoquy, was born in Paris on January 4, 1963. He starts to play of the guitar jazz to adolescence, then directs himself towards the punk music during a few times by melting a small group. He completes his studies by obtaining a diploma in electronics. In 1986, it exiles a few times in South America, it is during this long voyage that it starts to write titles. Of return in France, and decided to live of its texts, it occurs in pianos bars. In 1988 with place the catch, it records its first 45 turns "Your Jane Hero", then a second into 90, "the People Of the Night". These first tests do not meet success but Thomas is keen and continuous to work to forge a style. He reaches that point and in 1993, the public positively accomodates the exit of its first album "the Ball Of the Birds". Thomas, the multiple facets, tender, romantic, ironic, to poet and to dreamer, is able to have his place with the sun. Each exit of album is for him the occasion to approach the public during round which carries out it to the four corners of France. Little mediatized, but however brilliant, Thomas Fersen are an element impossible to circumvent of the French musical inheritance.

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Thomas Fersen
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