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Faudel Belloua was born on June six, 1978 in Mantes La Jolie. It discovers its passion for the music at the time of holidays in Algeria during which his/her grandmother initiates it with the traditional raï. With the twelve years age it integrates its first groups "Stars Of Raï" specialized in animations of marriages and festivals of districts. Its first true scene pro, date of 1993 when it sings in first part of "Oihid". Faudel starts to be made a name in the medium, and multiplies the first part of prestigious singers: Mc Solaar, Cheb Mami, and especially Khaled which will give him a great blow of inch with the song "Didi" that they interpret in duet. In 1997, the Small Prince of Raï is ready to record its first album "" Baïda ". The title headlight "So much brig" is not a success and propels the album among the best sales of the year.

In September 98, Faudel takes part in "1, 2, 3 Sun" with Bercy, the greatest concert raï of the year given in front of 15000 spectators and from which an album will be extracted. From 1999, Faudel feels attracted by the comedy and plays in various feature films for television and the cinema ("the Beat of Wings of a Butterfly", "Cachetonneurs", etc.) it does not neglect therefore the music since it leaves its second album in 2001 ("Samra") then new a opus in 2003 ("Another Sun"). These albums with the modern raï mixed with the funk, reggae, flamenco or salsa confirm by their success that Faudel A took an essential place in the French musical landscape. It is of aillor the French song that Faudel at the honor in 2006 with its album "Mundial Corrida - Super Jewel Box puts", to the detriment of Eastern sonorities, it delivers a opus rich in words and proof of a great maturity.

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