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Mylène Farmer, from its true name Gautier, was born on September 12, 1961 in Pierrefonds in Canada from French parents. Its family returns to France at the end of the Sixties to settle in Paris area. Mylene has evil to adapt to its new life, it is a distant and contained pupil. At 18 years, it leaves the school and decides to launch out in an artistic career.

It is registered with the Florent courses which it follows during three years and to gain a little money works in a dentist's surgery, then finds some engagement for publicity (Ikéa, the Cat, etc). In 1983, it makes the most important meeting of life: Laurent Boutonnat. Type-setter, producer and realizer of his clips, it makes him record its first individual in 1984. "Mom is wrong" is a success. The following year leaves "Libertine" who announces the first album: "Moon Ashes". The public falls under the charm from this young woman semi-angel semi-demon and the second album "Thus Would be I" is sold to a million eight hundred and thousand specimens and a Victoire of the Music is worth to him. Mylène Farmer is the star of the French song and share with the meeting of its public during a long round of which an album is extracted live. Mylene passes the course of the Nineties while leaving its third album which once again comes very close to two million copies. In 1994, the duet Farmer-Boutonnat knows its first failure with the film "Giorgino" and Mylène is very affected by this disavowal of the public. She makes her return in 1995 with, "Anamorphosée", an album plus rock'n'roll that the precedents and Mylène with the new look. The round which follows is phenomenal and the album "Live A Bercy" pulverizes the records of sales for an album live. In 1999, the album "Innamoramento" is like a kind of return to the sources, an album more introverted than the precedent, in which Mylène delivers heavy texts to us on musics that it composes for a third. The round which follows, true show with American, and the album are rewarded by the public and the professionals at the time of the NRJ Music Awards. In twenty years of career and finally very little album, Mylène Farmer knew to conquer and preserve a public which gives him a love without common measurement. And this history is not finished since the last album of Mylène ("Before Shade") is promised with the same success .

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Mylene Farmer
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