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Farmer Mylene

Lara Fabian or of its true Name Lara Crokaert came in the world the 09/01/1970 to Brussels to Belgium. Currently, it lives in Montreal.
After its birth in Belgium, it will go for its the first six years in her large parents to Sicily (Italy). Then it will return in its native land Belgium where, it will begin its career. Dice 14 years, it made already spectacles in small rooms in Belgium with her father, who is to him a guitarist, and all that did not prevent it from continuing its musical studies with the academy.
Its international career starts in 1988 in Eurovision where it finishes fourth what gives him the advisability of selling 600000 45 turns "To believe".

Then it decides to go to settle in Quebec where it was for the promotion of sound 45 turn "Ee Know". Its first album "Lara Fabian" is a great success. First round in Quebec in 1992, the public is fascinated by this voice. In autumn 1993 Lara occurs in several festivals where it obtains in winters a success with the Francophonie of Montreal and where one gives him its first gold disc for his album. Then, in 1994 after 3 weeks of left the new album "Diem Carpus" is gold disc.
In 1997 the new album "Pure" gains a great success in Europe and in Quebec with more than one million and half of sold specimens. Since, Lara meets success at the exit of each new album by alternating the recordings in English and in French, the album "9" left at the beginning of 2005 will charm its French-speaking fans.

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Lara Fabian
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