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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born on June 29, 1900 in Lyon (France) in a family from the French upper middle classes which will inculcate fundamental values to him which will make of him large humanistic. After having made its military service in aviation, it is engaged in 1926 in the Air-mail one to accomplish transport of mail on flights between Europe and Africa. From 1929, it ensures the air-mail bonds in South America, it is there that it will make the meeting of his wife, Consuelo Suncin Sandoval de Gómez, and will write its first success, "Night flight".

Devoting an increasingly large part to the writing, Antoine de Saint Exupéry, following the bankruptcy of air-mail and to the second world war which devastates Europe, leaves food to the USA where it will write his chief of work: "The Small Prince". Published in 1943, this philosophical and poetic tale at summer translates to date into more than 160 languages. In 1944, Saint Exupéry takes again service in aviation by carrying out air reconnaissance missions. It is at the time of one of its missions, July 31 1944 that its plane is damaged in Méditerrannée. The remains of its plane, found with broad of the island of Riou, were identified in 2004.

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Antoine De Saint Exupery
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