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Sofia was born on August 6, 1984 in Casablanca, of a Moroccan father and a French mother. She remained in Morocco until the 18 years age. Once its vat out of pocket, it crossed the strait to join Paris, where it follows studies of economy. Its first passion remained the dance a long time, it also followed courses of piano during 5 years, and percussions. The catch for the song took place there is less than three years.

Caroline Christi, the teacher of song from Sofia in Casablanca tells: "At the beginning, it sang for it. When it integrated my course, we worked and developed the refinement of the voice. It had already the rate/rhythm and the accuracy. The first thanks to the dance, and the second bus it always fredonné while playing of the piano. What is sure, it is that after the first spectacle of end of the year that we had organized at the school, she said to me that she was made for that, that she liked the scene, lâcher…".
Its sturdy character, authoritative, sometimes insolate or coleric does not prevent it from being with listening and generous. Determined and persevering, it perpetually tries to improve. That was not sufficient to gain the victory in Star Academy 3, but however a beautiful career is announced for Sofia Essaidi. After some individual, Sofia leaves its first album ("My Cabaret") in August 2005.

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Sofia Essaidi
Singer Sofia Essaidi
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