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Eminem, from its true name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, was born on October 17, 1972 close to Kansas City. Given up by his father, it is raised by his mother in Missouri before that Ci does not decide to move in Détroit. It is in this city that Eminem will know the worst moments of its life: maigrelet, white, russet-red and living in a black district with majority, the street and at the school, it regularly is insulted, beaten, humiliated. 13 years old, insulated, contained on him even, Eminem writes in secrecy its first texts of rap which it records on cassette. At the end of 1986, it created its first group with some friends: "Bassmint Productions". In 1979 it decides to leave the school to be devoted entirely to its passion. It takes part in some emissions of rap on local radios and forces the passage more than one once to go up on scenes at the time of concerts. However, all its heat is not enough for him and success is long in coming obliging it to accept any kind of odd jobs to continue to live with that which it has to marry in 1990: Kim Scott (they had a girl in 1995).

In 1996, it leaves its first album, "Infinite" which is a failure from the commercial point of view, but allows him to be made a name in the world of the rap. Of DRE discovers young white and fall under the charm from its style. In 1997, it engages Eminem and works with him on the album which will make known it in the whole world the following year: "Slim Shady" which am sold with more than 4 million specimens. Parallel to its career solo, it records an album with the D-12 group. In 2002, after a divorce and an album percussion than the precedent, it goes back to work to leave what remains the pearl of the rap to date: the album "The Eminem Show", encensé by the press and with the multiple rewards. The following year its role, inspired of its life "in" 8 Mile "devotes it as an actor.
In 2004, leaves, after a long period of absence, the second album of D-12 and Eminem when to him a new album solo always leaves ("Still") to the beats relentless on texts to vitriol.

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