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Elsa, from its name Lunghini, was born on May 20, 1973 in Paris. It owes its love of the comedy to her parents artists and, as of the seven years age, it gives the counterpart to Romy Schneider and Lino Ventura in "Police custody". This first experiment the fascine literally and the Elsa young person turns in several films. In 1986, the realizer of "the Woman Of My Life" asks him to record one of the titles of the original band: "T'En Do not go". The title is an immense success and Elsa records an album in the tread. Divided between cinema and music, Elsa surfing on the vagueness of success, before curbing its career since 1992 (it takes part however regularly in the concerts of the Dumbs). For an album with the success mitigated in 1996 ("Each Day Is a Long Way"), it is necessary to wait until 2002 to find Elsa in several telefilms: "Death Is Russet-red", "Three Days In June".

In 2004 the publication of the album "Of Lava And Sap", that it signs in collaboration with Benjamin Biolay and Keren Ann, brings back Elsa on the front of the scene. In 2006, the exit of Cd live ("Live Connection") will charm the fans who will find the time of 18 titles greatest successes of charming young woman.

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