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Gad Elmaleh was born on April 19, 1971 in Casablanca. It owes certainly to his father his love of the scene since as of the eight years age it goes up on the boards to the sides of his father MIME. With the 17 years age, it leaves its native land for Quebec to follow studies of sciences policy there but especially to launch out in the artistic medium while being tested to the radio, television and with the theatre. In 1992, it comes to settle in Paris or it is registered with the Florent course. It writes its first one man show later ("Shifts") two years and gives its first series of official reception in 1996 and 1997 in Paris, Montreal and in Morocco.

The public adores and Gad decides to be tested with the cinema to prolong the bond with the public. It plays amongst other things in "Hello Cousin", "XXL", "the Truth If I Lie 2" but does not give up therefore the scene since it returns in 2000 in its second one-man show, "the Normal Life" which carries out it to the four corners of France. Since alternate Gad connects with happiness the roles with the cinema ("A + Pollux", "Pet", etc.) for the greatest pleasure of the public which found Gad on scene in 2004 in its one man show "the other It is Me" before returning to the cinema in 2006 in "the Lining" of Francis Veber and "Out Of Price" to the sides of Audrey Tautou. In 2007, Gad Elmaleh launches out in a new scenic marathon with its new spectacle "Dad Is In Top".

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Gad Elmaleh
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