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Sophie Ellis Bextor was born in London on April 10, 1979. She is the girl of Janet Ellis, presenter of an emission for child and the producer Robin Bextor. She begins her career of pop star in 1997, while becoming the singer leader of the British group The Audience. Equipped in black, a guitar with the arm, it plays the part of a star elegant and glamour and contributes to the success of the group. Result: two individual with signal 40 and one album with success more than honourable. Because of internal tensions, The Audience separates, Sophie made of mannequinât during a few months, but is really not impassioned by this trade.

With the end of the year 2000, it meets the producer and Italian DJ Spiller, which seeks a female-intonated voice for its piece "Groovejet (Yew This Ain' tLove)" It metamorphose the piece for one to do one of most durable of these last years. The individual one is a great success in the clubs and the charts of the whole world. The career of Sophie is launched and when its individual "Take Me Home leaves" it is encensée by the British press which goes until comparing it to Victoria Adams Beckham for her style and Audrey Hepburn for her face angelica.
Its first album leaves at the end of 2001 and meets an international success.
Sophie Ellis Bextor is named at the time of many ceremonies crowning the artists through Europe (Germany, Netherlands, France, England) and gains several prices which come to reward this young artist with the promising career. At the end of 2003, left its second album "Shot from the Hip" which does not meet same success as the precedent. In 2007 Sophie Ellis Bextor is surrounded of a new team to deliver an album: "Trip The Fantastic Light". Very dance, following the example first individual "You Wrestling", the 12 titles of this opus are likely to know of beautiful moment on the tracks of dances and elsewhere.

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Sophie Ellis Bextor
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