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Missy Elliott was born on July 1, 1971 in Portsmouth in Virginia. Child, it can be regarded as exceptionally gifted. It grows in a universe of violence and is often locked up in its room or it sings and dances in front of an audience of headstocks and teddy bear. With adolescence, the Missy young person starts to mix with the local musical medium and turns with some small groups, without success. It does not matter, it continues to compose and accumulates the participations with artists of fames.

Its strategy pays since it ends up being pointed out by a house of discs which proposes to him to record its first album in 1997. With "Supa Deceived Fly" Missy made an entry crashing to pieces in the world of the American rap. With this only Missy album became impossible to circumvent and everyone tears off it to obtain from it a title or the production of an album (Whitney Houston, Busta Rhymes, Christina Aguilera, Destiny' Child...). It connects the albums and its individual holds the highest walk of the sales during several weeks. It did not succeed in in a few years becoming an icon for American youth, it but does not remain to him any more to conquer the world.

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Missy Elliott
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