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Elias Eliane

Carmen Electra, of her true name Tared Leigh Patrick, was born on April 20, 1972 in White Oak (Ohio - the USA). She is attracted by the song and the dance since she is very small and his/her parents register it in School of Creative and Performing Arts where she will be able to let be expressed her talent. At the beginning of the Nineties, it makes the meeting of Prince who cracks for it and decides to propel it to the row of star. It puts the foot with the clamp to him while enabling him to record an album éponyme which, alas, will not meet discounted success. But the beautiful Carmen Electra has more than one turn in her bag and launches out in the presentation of television broadcasts. Its talent of does not escape the producers from the series “Alert A Malibu” who engage it. Its career of actress is definitively launched in 2000 when it obtains a role in “Scary Movie”. If its career takes off, its loves them collapse the ones after the others, its marriage with Denis Rodman lasts hardly more than one year and in 2006 it leaves Dave Navarro (ex-guitarist of Red Hot Chile Peppers) with whom it was married since 2003. Fortunately and for our greater happiness Carmen Electra does not leave the light of the projectors and it connects turnings for the cinema (“Thirteen With the Dozen”, “Dirty Love”, etc) and of the participations out of guest-star in various series (“Summerland”, “Joey”, “Stacked”, etc).

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Carmen Electra
Actress Carmen Electra
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