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Born in Boston on May 21, 1967 LISA Edelstein passes the greatest part of its childhood on the American East coast. With adolescence, it undertakes studies in theatre at the University of New York and interprets many roles in productions of the regular circuit and shutter except circuit of Broadway. LISA Edelstein begins its televisual career at the beginning from the Nineties as a host for Awake one the Wild Side for the chain of video clips MTV. It particularly multiplies the appearances with the small screen in the tele series: "Wings" and "Seinfeld" where it interprets the role of the girl friend of George. The roles, especially for television, are connected then quickly: "Partners", "Superman", "Just Shot Me", "Ally Mc Beal", etc.

It takes down some roles with the large screen for "The Doors", "Love Affair", "In the name of Anna", etc.
In love with the theatre, it continues in parallel of its careers to small and the large screen a career of actress in a laboratory of experiments of the L.A. Stage and Film. Talented Multi, it writes the booklet, composes the music and interprets the parts of the musical "Positive Me" in order to come to assistance of the victims of the AIDS. Since 2004, it incarnates Doctor LISA Cuddy in the series "Dr. house".

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Lisa Edelstein
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