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Bob Dylan, from its true name Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born on May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota (the USA). Teenager, it learns the guitar and the harmonica and writes his first compositions. America, in full musical revolution makes it possible to this young man to record its first album in 1961: "The Freewheeling' Bob Dylan". This album brings a new blood to the music folk and immediately launches Bob Dylan on the voice of success. Thereafter it is directed towards a music plus rock'n'roll, while preserving very poetic texts which astonish and impassion. In 1966 a serious accident of motor bike curbs its career, but Bob benefits from this period to reorientate its music which becomes more country.

The Seventies are the Dylan years which became a genuine star international, but its inspiration of the beginnings leaves it little by little and when in 1979 it leaves three religious discs the public ends up being wearied. The Eighties, then especially the beginning of the Nineties show nothing any more but the shade of Bob Dylan which only works to meet its financial needs and any more its heart in its music and its words does not put. It is necessary to await 1997 and "Time Out Of Mind" to finally find the artist with best of its form with compositions worthy of interests which is rewarded by three Gramy Awards. Since, large Bob, very continuously its "Never Ending Turn" (the round without end) which carries out it to the four corners of the world, A left in 2001 an album folk and in 2005, it composes the band its of a film of Martin Scorsese ("No Direction Home") who recalls his life. In 2006, with its forty fourth album ("Modern Times"), Bob Dylan proves that it is always also good in the space of ten memorable titles.

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Bob Dylan
Singer Bob Dylan
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