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Dutheil Dorothee

Romain Duris was born on May 28, 1974 in Paris. Resulting from a family of artist, it is interested first of all in the visual art, by integrating a higher school of drawing. But in 1993, it is with a very different art that it is measured by playing one of the principal roles of "Young Danger" of Cédric Klapisch. And it reaches that point successfully, with its mouth of angel and its 3 day old beard, Romain Duris allures whole France, and becomes the most promising young talent of his generation. He thus appears in several films and telefilms, like "Brothers" or "Already died" of Olivier Dahan. Besides Romain becomes the pet of Klapisch with which it turns several times, in 1996 in "Each one its Cat finds", like in "Perhaps".

Romain Duris is increasingly popular, it is even nominated in César of the Best hope in 1999 thanks to the film "Gadjo Dilo" of Tony Gatlif.
In 2001, the beautiful Romain turns for the fourth time for Klapish in the Spanish génialissime "Inn". This film brings to him on a plate the success which it deserves. It plays since in larger productions, like "Osmosis", "Adolphe", or "Arena Lupin".
In 2005, the beautiful one does not take rest, since it is with the poster "to beat my heart stopped" like in the continuation of "the inn Spanish", "the Russian headstocks".

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Romain Duris
Actor Romain Duris
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