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Dupontel Albert

Kirsten Dunst was born on April 30, 1982 in Point Pleasant in the New Jersey, in the United States. It less starts its career at the 3 years age while not turning than seventy commercials for the Ford agency, to say as much that the success of fair the baby is announced fulgurating! Its first cinematographic appearance is made in 1989 in "New York Stories" a full-length film carried out by Martin Scorsese. In 1990, its name is finally quoted with the credits of film, that of Brian De Palma, "Bucher of Vanities".
While continuing her studies in private a Catholique college of Los Angeles, the young girl is selected to interpret the role of vampire in "Discussion with a Vampire", which is worth a nomination with the Goldens delicious Earths and a MTV movie Awards to him. She connects then with "the Four Girls of Doctor March" and "Jumanji". Then l’extraordinaire "Virgin Suicides" of Sofia Coppola makes of this gun an immense star of the cinema.

In 2002, Kirsten gives the counterpart to beautiful Tobey McGuire in "Spider Man", and in 2004, it is selected by Richard Loncraine to interpret Lizzie Bradbury, in "the Most beautiful Victoire", an at the same time romantic and laughing comedy.
In 2006 it will be with the poster of "Marie Antoinette" and "Spider-Man 3".

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Kirsten Dunst
Actress Kirsten Dunst
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