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Jean Dujardin was born on June 19, 1972. Child, it plans to become draughtsman and follows studies until obtaining a vat of philosophy visual arts. He works a few times as metal worker and miroitier before leaving to carry out his military service. It is there that it is discovered a talent of comic. Its year under the flags finished, it starts to occur on small Parisian scenes where it makes the meeting of the future band of "Us C Us" which it joined and the fact of knowing of the public. However, it continues to pass from the castings for roles to the cinema where with television and, in 1999, it is retained to interpret Loulou in the mini series "a Guy And a Girl". It remains during 4 years in the character of Spitz, and is made recognize by the world of the cinema which proposes to him as of 2002 its first roles ("Welcome At Rozes", "All the Girls Are Insane", etc). In 2003, after having put to a term at the series a tele "Guy And a Girl", Jean devotes itself fully to the cinema as an actor ("the Conveyor", Mariages") and to the writing of the film which will bring glory in 2005 to him: "Brice Of Nice".

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Jean Dujardin
Actor Jean Dujardin
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