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Melanie Doutey was born in November 1978 parents actors (Alain Doutey and Arielle Séménoff), it is thus quite naturally that it is directed towards this trade as of adolescence while following courses of theatre in parallel to English studies. Its Deug obtained, it devotes more time to the comedy and takes down a price with the National Academy of Dramatic art of Paris. It plays its first part for the cinema in 1998 in "People Who like" and appears regularly with television in various telefilms. In 2003, Claude Chabrol trusts him to play in "the Fleur Of the Evil" and the service of Melanie is worth to him the recognition of a public charmed by this new arrival and its talent.

Since, it connects films by taking great care to take care of the quality of the roles which are proposed to him. Its interpretation in "Clara Sheller" (a series TV) reveals it with general public and its first great role with the cinema in "Nothing Should Be sworn!" (2004) at the sides of Gerard Jugnot and Jean Dujardin confirms it although one thought of it. Since, Melanie Doutey connects turnings and each time to us the extent of its talent as in "President" in 2005 proves or "My Place With the Sun" in 2007 and the future still promise pretty moments in its company to us.

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Melanie Doutey
Actress Melanie Doutey
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