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Doutey Melanie

Douillet David was born on February 17, 1969 in Rouen. Married and father of three children, it likes the motor bike, the music, the plane and, obviously, the judo. Very young person, it integrates its first club and climbs the levels quickly. In 1991, at twenty-two years, it gains its first title of champion of France and arrives third at the Championships of Europe. Two years later, he becomes champion of the world. With the Olympic Games of Barcelona in 1992, David had been a bronze medal-holder; in Atlanta in 1996, it is the gold which it receives. It gains its fourth world title in Paris in 1997, by beating the Japanese S. Shinohara in the category of the heavy ones. Following a bad series of wounds, it is far away from the tatamis during long months, but made a return fulgurating in Sydney in 2000 while gaining for the second time, a medal of gold. David becomes the champion more titrated in the history of the judo. In spite of his imposing stature (1m96 for more 100kg), David is a man in the gold heart. For example, it sponsors since many years the action of the "yellow parts" organized by Mrs Chirac, or carries out demonstrations for the young people in the prisons to take part in their initiation and rehabilitation.

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David Douillet
Sportman David Douillet
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