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Doherty Shannen

Doc. Gynéco, from its true name Bruno Beausire, was born on July 7, 1974 with Clichy-under-Wood from parents from origins inhabitants of Guadeloupe. Child, he is not very good pupil, but follows despite everything the studies of accountancy. It is during its years college that its nickname of Doc. Gynéco is given to him because of its reputation of ladykiller. Beyond the girls, the song attracts it and inspires it and in 1993, it takes part with his buddy of the "Bitter Ministry" in the album "95200" by recording the title "Autopsy". Different in the style, with a tone less hard than some other rappeurs, Doc. allured Gynéco and signs a contract with Virgin. In 1995 leaves "First Consultation", the album, erudite mixture of groove, funk and well on rap and one of surprised year and is sold quickly with more than 500 000 specimens.

With his cool air and his texts rather sympathetic nerves, one could believe Doc. in the shelter of the jealousies but rancours of the rap medium, its taste for the shit and bleaches on grass it and of the titles like "Nirvana" or "My Bitch A Me" the place in a delicate situation which feels on the sales of its second album "the Dangerous Connections" in 1998. After one period with three years vacuum, Doc. gynéco returns in force with "Quality Street" in 2001 then "Solitary" in 2002, two albums recorded with the assistance of great names of the French song: Renaud, Voulzy, Uncle David, Stomy Bugsy, etc. "Solitary" is rewarded by a Victoire for the Music and Doc. decides to take its time before delivering new a opus to us. Finally in 2006 Doc. returns while leaving two simultaneously album "Doc. Gyneco Enregistre To the District" and "a Natural Man" who approaches a little more of the reggae and moves away also a little from the rap, but should easily find his public so much the catch is sympathetic.

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Doc Gyneco
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