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Born in Charlemagne on March 30, 1968 (a small city located at 50 kilometers of Montreal, Quebec, Canada), Céline is youngest of a family clearly music lover of 14 children. His/her parents, both musicians, play in a small bar, and the weekends, the family with large complete sings and plays for the inhabitants of the small city. at the 5 years age, Céline sings with her brothers and sisters and acquired the capacity quickly to sing on line. With the 12 years age, with her mother and one of her brothers, Céline composes a French song who will change forever the course of his life. The cassette demonstration which contains the famous song is sent to Rene Angelil, a manager of artists respected in the medium of the music. In January 1981, Rene if is captivated by the voice of the young Celine, that it is given to make this one an universally recognized artist. He goes even until mortgaging his own house to finance the first album of Celine!

The recognition of the talent of Celine starts in 1982 when it receives the gold Medal of the Festival "Yamaha" of the International Song in Tokyo and very coveted "Musician' S Award" for the best interpreter. In 1983, it becomes first Canadian to receive a gold disc in France!

In 1988, Céline gains the prestigious contest of Eurovision where it sings in front of 600 televiewer and spectator million through Europe, the USSR, the Middle East, Japan and Australia.

The international take-off of Celine starts seriously when it records the song titrates original band of the drawing animated "the Beautiful one and the Animal" of Walt Disney. The song becomes number 1 and is rewarded by "Academy Award" and "Grammy Award". "Beauty and the Beast" is the perfect introduction for the second English album of Celine, simply entitled Céline Dion. Four additional successes are drawn from this sumptuous album: "Coils Edge Move Mountains," Toilets From The Moon, "Yew You Asked Me To" and "Did You Give Enough Love". In Canada, the album is six times disc of platinum and gains an incredible number of "Juno Awards".

But it is with the exit of "The Colour Of My Love" that Céline fulfills her promise to become one of the pop figures most famous of her time. Once again, the album contains a film song - a duet with the English singer Clive Griffin on traditional "the When I Fall In Coils", which forms part of the Original Band of triumphal "the Sleepless night in Seattle". The album inclu also a recovery: a sublime interpretation of the success of 1985 by Jennifer Rush "The Power Of Love". This album still proves, as if it were still necessary, that the powerful voice of Celine and its dramatic style are as fish in water on ballades ("The Colour Of My Love") as on endiablés rates/rhythms "Misled". This album is an enormous success in Canada and in the world.

With the album ' Of eux', Céline makes a success of what each one thought of being impossible - to introduce the French music in top of the British "charts". At this point in time the whole world discovers the talent of Celine Dion. "Of them" was the best sale of the decade in France. Its collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman is very enriching for the singer who finds in these songs the words and the melodies that it sought for a long time. "tubes" are extracted from this marvellous album: "So that you still like me", "I do not know", "the ballet", "the Last will be the Prime Ministers".

established like one of the greatest voices of the pop music, it crosses all the barriers - even those of the language - using its "hits" successive. Impressing the rate/rhythm with which it records its albums, turns its clips vidéos, occurs in concerts and appears with the four corners of the sphere for emissions TV or official receptions to receive a "Award". It seems that Céline has only very little time to devote itself to another thing... But it is not true when they are important causes. Inter alia, Céline used her many talents for the cause of "Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation". In fact, one of the songs more moving by Celine ("Flies," on the album "Of them", translated later into English -"Fly" - on the album "Falling Into You") is dedicated to the memory of his/her niece, Karine, which was carried by this disease.

Left in March 1996, "Falling Into You" becomes the album more sold this year; it is number one in 11 countries and is named "Album of the year" and "better album" at the time of the 39ème ceremony of "Grammy Awards". The album, from today, was sold with more than 25 million specimens in the world.

"Let' S Talk About Coils" is in the line of its album to both "Grammy Awards". Recorded between London, New York and Los Angeles, "Let' S Talk About Coils" includes/understands many guests of which largest interpreters, type-setters and producers of the moment.

Always eager to satisfy its French-speaking public, it leaves, at the end of 1998, a new French album: "If It were enough to like". writing again by Jean-Jacques Goldman and, for two titles ("Papillion" and "Ground") by Erik Benzi, this album is a true musical jewel.

Celine was to leave a trace of her triumphal world round "Let' S Talk butt Love Turn". She chooses her two historical concerts of June 1999 at the Stage from France in Paris (more than 180.000 spectators in two evenings!) to offer to its admirors a new album "LIVE" perfectly entitled: "In the Heart of the Stage". Last nine French titles, two in English and a "Medley" of its successes are with the program. The album leaves exactly a year after "If it were enough to like" while at the same time this last is always hoisted at the top of the "charts" of the hexagon. In the tread, to celebrate the new millenium, "All the Way... decade of song has" leaves. This album is to 50% new, to 50% a compilation of its best English successes. Final bouquet before the new millenium: It decides on December 31, 1999 (as it was envisaged besides) to tell to its good-byes at the time of its last show "the Last Of Celine Dion" in Montreal.

January 25, 2001, is born Rene-Charles, the "p' tit prince" as the family calls it. Rene and Céline start to think of the projects of his return: Celine must go up on scene as from March 2003 in Las Vegas for one three years duration. She launches a range of optical and solar glasses for women. The book "Celine Dion, My Life My Dream" leaves as well as a compilation "the Essential ones Celine Dion". before the exit in March 2002 of "A New Day Has Come". The singer sings more with her heart with her voice. Song "A New Day Has Come" is a success "I' m Alive" also.

March 24, 2003, to the day before of a series in 600 concerts which will be given during three years to Las Végas, leaves the English album "One Heart". The same day leaves the first perfume which is called quite simply "Celine Dion"

Worker fierce, Celine Dion connects albums, concerts and television programs without ever tiring and his audience is constantly renewing. For his latest album, "Taking Chance" (2007) she has surrounded herself with a new team to deliver a new casket as his voice remains dedicated to..

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