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Diam' S, from its true name Melanie Georgiades, was born in Cyprus on July 25, 1980. It is in Paris and in its suburbs that it will grow as of the four years age.
For this girl not yet teenager who adores to write poems, the destiny traces himself on the line of his idols: it will become rappeuse. In spite of the opposition of his/her mother, Diam' S integrates the collective of the Trece Maffia. In spite of a favorable reception of the public, the adventure will not last. Determined, it multiplies the participations in the emissions of radio and the appearances in the concerts and manages to be made a name on the French scene rap.

In 1999 its first album leaves. Hardly major, Diam' S offers an impressive calling card: "First Mandate", produced by Black Mozart, with as guests Americans FD Alias Krhist and Heather B plus the French Mr. R., Driver and Vibe, and in the high-speed motorboat the songs It is you who obstructs me and If I must remain (on a sample of Tracy Chapman). It thinks of touching general public, but this opus is a commercial failure. Diam' S is not discouraged: it organizes, only, a round of almost fifty dates through whole France.
Its meeting with Choukri, which is occupied then of Ideal J and determining, it falls under the charm and becomes its manager. Diam' S signs at EMI for an album to leave in April 2002. Alas, a reorganization of the major cancels the exit of the album.
Diam' S is not discouraged and turns over in studio, composes of new titles, refashions its compositions. Convinced, the Hostile label signs it. "Gross of Woman", thus appears in 2003 and, this time, success is with go: the first extract of the album, heading "DJ'", will remain without question one of the largest tubes of the summer 2003. Diam' S makes its return in 2006 with "In My Bubble", an album with the sound always also personal which can only allure its public.

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