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Raymond Devos was born on November 9, 1922 in Mouscron (Belgium). With its entry at the school it is discovered a gift to tell stories and to captivate an audience. Family problems oblige it to leave the college and at only thirteen years, it is found to work with the Markets. Its intelligence and its thirst for knowing however enable him to continue to learn as an autodidact and to have a certainty, he will be man of spectacle.

The war finished and of return of Germany or it was useful for the STO (Obligatory Service of Work), Raymond takes courses of theatre then is engaged in the company of Jacques Fabbri with whom it will turn during a few years. Its innate direction of the word and its manner of juggling with those will open doors to him towards a career as a recluse. In 1964 Raymond Devos presents its first one-man show which will be followed by tens of other. Sketches as "I have Doubts", "the Nail", "Hearsay", "Had Of the Tax collector", in which it plays with the misunderstandings, the nonsenses or the homonymies do of it one of largest comic French. Since the beginning of the Nineties, Raymond Devos had launched out in the writing of novels, not without success. Victim of a cerebral attack in February 2006 it is hospitalized. It will never recover from this attack and dies on June 15, 2006 leaving orphan the in love ones with humour and the words. Bye bye the artist and continues to make them laugh up there.

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Raymond Devos
Humorist Raymond Devos
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