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Léonard de Vinci (Leonardo da Vinci) was born on April 15, 1452 with a few kilometers from the village from Vinci in Tuscany (Italy). Wire of a notary of the republic and a country-woman, Léonard is not a legitimate child and will be regarded as full member of the family only when it will live in his large father. Its family settles in Florence in 1466 and Léonard is placed in the workshop of Andrea Del Verrocchio, famous artist and touches with all (goldsmith, painter, sculptor, etc).
The first works of Léonard are indexed in 1472 in the book of the guild of the painters of Florence and acquires an unequalled experiment in the technique of the sfumato (impression of fog).

From 1478, Léonard becomes independent Master and delivers his first orders: The retable of the vault of Palazzo Vecchio (unfinished), the Madonna Benoit, the portrait of Ginevra Benchi.
In 1481, upset not to be retained for the decoration of the vault sixtine in Rome, Léonard leaves Florence and share to settle with the service of the Duke of Milan. This last charges it of various tasks and if Léonard paints several portraits of the court, he is a also architect, decorator (in particular for the theatre or he invents machines of theatre which fill with wonder the public), organizer of tournaments and of masked balls, weddings, and especially he publishes tests on botany, hydraulics (to make navigable the channel of Martezana), the anatomy, geology and devotes themselves to all kinds of experiments. In 1483, it delivers for the vault San Francesco Grande one of its chief of work: The Virgin With The Rocks. In 1490, it creates an academy bearing its name where it teaches during a few years its knowledge. In 1495, the Dominican ones of Sainte-Marie-des-Grâces order Cène to him which it paints on the wall of the refectory of the convent. In 1499, the French enter Milan, the Duke Sforza loses his throne. After a short stay in Venice, Léonard turns over to Florence or César Borgia, duke of Rome and Général of armed with the pope Alexandre VI take it under his protection, the following year, it takes share with the war against Pisa as engineer and withdraws from them many lesson for its future "military" work. It is at this period that it paints the Mona Lisa.
About 1507, the Marshal of France, Charles d' Amboise, governor of Milan, takes it with his service, and as of the following year it is Louis XII of France, residing him also in the city, which offers its protection to him and engages it like "painter and ordinary engineer".
In 1514, at the request of Julien de Médicis, Léonard leaves for Rome and enters to the service of the pope Leon X, then follows one period or it travels through the country, of city downtown, offering its services to very notable or lord agreeing to maintain it. It is at this period that Léonard crosses the way of François First, who, fascinated and allured by this man of science Léonard De Vinci, engages it like "First painter, architect, and engineer of the king" and installs it with the castle of Closed-Lucè meadows of Amboise. It is there that Léonard will peacefully finish his days while devoting itself to work of architecture for the royal castles (staircase with double revolution of Chambord) and to scientific research. It will die there on May 2, 1519. Man of universal spirit, at the same time artist, scientist, inventor and philosopher, Léonard incarnates the universalist spirit of the Rebirth and remains one of the great men of this time.

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