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John Christopher Depp was born on June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, in Kentucky, of a father engineer and a mother to the hearth. Its family settles in Florida whereas it is only seven years old, follow a dozen removals which disturbs it. It has bad school results and the divorce of his/her parents completes the teenager who leaves the school definitively. It is at this period that it takes taste for the music. His/her mother bought to him a guitar of occasion (25$). Autodidact and rather endowed, it joined the group "The Flame", which becomes "The Kids" and makes the first part of the round of Iggy Pop. The group goes to Los Angeles to try to bore, but the medium of the clubs is saturated with groups with full rise and it does not manage to find their place. Johnny Marie with Lori Allison which introduces Nicolas Cage to him. Hung by the savage glance of the rocker it arranges an interview between Depp and its agent which leads to obtaining a first role for Johnny in "the Claws of the Night".

Inspired by this experiment, Johnny forsakes the music and is registered in Loft Studio of L.A. to take courts of dramatic art. It obtains many secondary roles, and is made offer a role in 21 Jump Street, series which launches its career. After three seasons to interpret Tom Hanson, it is given to break with the infernal circle of the young people "groupies" which sees in him only the image conveyed by television. It turns to the cinema while beginning in satyric "Cry baby". As it always aspires to a certain nobility of soul in the choice of its roles, the cinematographic career which follows this first test reveals brilliant ("Edward with the Money Hands", "Dead Man", "Sleepy Hollow", "Donnie Brasco", etc). With its "mouth of angel" Johnny does not leave indifferent the women and its conquests are many Sherilynn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Juliette Lewis or Kate Moss, but it is with Vanessa Paradis that it assagit and decides to make a child who is born in 1999. It plays with Vanessa in "the man who killed Don Quichotte" film that the realizer does not manage to complete and whose failure gives rise to documentary which leaves in 2003, the same year as "Pirate of the Caribbean" in which Johnny Depp is given some to heart joy. It signed a contract besides to turn in two new shutters of "Pirates Of the Caribbean..." which will leave in 2006 and 2007. But it takes share also with other projects such as "Charlie And the Chocolate factory" in 2005 and "Sweeney Todd" into 2007 of Tim Burton or "Shantaram" in 2008. Side heart the good-looking young man always spins the great love with Vanessa and its two children (Lily-Rose Melody (born in 1999) and Jack John Christopher III (born in 2002) and plans to marry it in 2007.

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