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Depeche Mode is a founded English group in 1979 in Basildon by Vince Clarke, Martin L Gore, Andrew Fletcher and Dave Gahan. Their music, whereas England vibrates with the sound of the punk one, and mainly based on synthetic sonorities and the group encounters some difficulties of being made a name. Fortunately for them, the new-wawe wave is not long in emerging and Depeche Mode signs a contract with the house of disc Mute Records. The first individual one of the group ("Just Can' T Get Enough") made a paperboard and the album "Speak And Spell" leaves in the tread. In every success, Vince Clarke leaves the group which is found without lyric writer, it is thus Martin L Gore who will put himself at the work and Alan Wilder comes to supplement the trio.

The group takes again the recordings and multiplies the tubes "People Are People", "Master And Being useful", etc. The albums are connected and the public follows, however the lassitude of the members of the group is made feel and in 1995 Alan Wilder leaves the group and Dave Gahan is hospitalized for suicide attempt. Depeche Mode enters in day before during a few months and it is necessary to wait until 1997 to find the group with a new album ("Ultra"), more blackberry and succeeds that the precedents with in particular the titles "Home" and "It' S No Good". Depeche Mode reconsiders the front of the scene but gives itself a new less commercial orientation by limiting the exit of these albums to a whole the 3 or four years. The latest to date, "Playing The Angel", left in 2005, takes again the old receipts of the group and turns always as well with pieces like "The Sinner In Me" or "Precious" which proves as in 25 years the group did not lose anything of its inventiveness.

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