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Gerard Depardieu was born on December 27, 1948 in Chateauroux in a modest family. Rebel and difficult the teenager is implied in various small flights and other dishonest persons activities and his future seems black. Small larcenies in odd jobs, Gerard evolves/moves while walking on a tightrope which is likely to see it falling at every moment an evening that it attends a stage performance, the catch with place, it will become actor. He goes up to Paris where he follows courses of comedy of Jean-Laurent Cochet and meets that which will become his wife, Elizabeth, with which he will have two children. After having taken down some figurations in films, it obtains its first truth minor part in 1970 in "the Cry Of the Cormorant the Evening Above Jonques".

The four years which follow allows to see appearing Gerard in about fifteen films, but the dedication arrives in 1974 when Bertrand Blier decides to engage it at the sides of Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou in "the Waltzers". The film is a true success and the career of Gerard takes off immediately. It connects thereafter with roles which left it the image of small hooligan and pass with ease of the light register in comedies like "Compère" or "the Goat" to more dramatic films, "the Return Of Martin Guerre" or "the Last Subway". Its services of actor brings a world fame to him and Gerard quickly becomes one of best representing French cinema abroad, the American realizers and Italians wish it to play in films like "1492, Christophe Colombs", "Green Card" or "Unfair Competition". With with its credit more than hundred Gerard films does not have today anything any more to prove concerning its immense talent and the love of the public for him seems acquired forever and one can of golds and already to affirm that Gerard has his place with the Pantheon of the French cinema.

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Gerard Depardieu
Actor Gerard Depardieu
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