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Depardieu Gerard

Gerald de Palmas, from his true name Gerald Gardrinier, was born on October 14, 1967 in Saint Denis from the Meeting, a Breton father and a mother réunionnaise. In 10 its family settles in Aix in Provence and it is there that it is discovered a passion for the music and starts to play of the guitar before turning to the low one. Thanks to the group which it integrated (the max Valentins) it meets Etienne Daho and when it decides to go up to Paris to try his chance, it earns his living while playing as bass player with him.

It manages to leave the shade by gaining a contest, chaired by Francis Cabrel, which enables him to record its first individual: "On The Road". Its career is launched and it can leave its first album, "the Last year", of which it ensures promotion while carrying out nearly 300 concerts and for which it gains a Victoire of the Music. After an album less inspired recorded in 1997, Gerald returns in 2000 with "Walking On Sand" in 2000, partly carried out with Jean Jacques Goldman. He leaves again on the roads for a series of more than 180 concerts of which an album is extracted live. After having taken a little rest and to have worked for other singers, Gerald returns at the end of 2004 with a new album "a Man Without Roots". Without roots, can be, but Gerald De Palmas became more than the man of a tube and let predict a radiant future.

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Gerald de Palmas
Singer Gerald de Palmas
Illustration of Gerald de Palmas


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