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Catherine Deneuve, Dorléac of her true name was born in Paris in the sixteenth district, October 22 1943 of a mother (Rénée Deneuve) and of a father (Maurice Dorléac) all two actors. Catherine has three sisters, Danielle, Sylvie and Francoise it also actress with whom it with the most complicity. Very young person it starts to turn thanks to her Francoise sister who involves it on the film sets, although it was not its first Catherine idea will make a great cinematographic career with successes such as "Indo-China", "8 Women", or "the Umbrellas Of Cherbourg". It has two children, Christian born of sound idylle with Roger Vadim and Chiara girl of large Marcello Mastroianni, they also are actors. Catherine lives with German St Of Close, splendid district of the capital and goes ressourcer to Normandy in her country house.

She is a large friend of Yves SAINT LAURENT, and does not miss any procession by Jean-Paul Gaultier. Catherine is not only a one large actress who turned with largest such as Téchiné, Truffaut, Bunuel or Jacques Demy. She received many titles of which César of the best actress for "Indo-China" and "the Last Subway". Catherine has several cords has her arc, it was the egery many prestigious marks such as Chanel, Yves has SAINT LAURENT or L’Oréal, moreover it can also sing, it with a very particular voice, very sensual which makes its charm, a very particular way to pronounce S. Serge Gainsbourg will make him d’ailleurs an album. To finish Catherine is a woman who has character and which knows what she wants, in conclusion one can say that she is the largest French actress and the most beautiful catalogue of films of the French cinema, she very represents France in the world with an image of the woman class.

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Catherine Deneuve
Actress Catherine Deneuve
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