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Deneuve Catherine

Vanessa Demouy was born on April 5, 1973 in Montreuil. The Vanessa young person dreams to become prima ballerina but a failure with the contest of the Opera of Paris and a little conspicuous forms make it give up this dream. At 15 years, it dries the courses to take part in castings and is very quickly pointed out. It makes to its first cover for the magazine "Mode" in 1988. However, being mannequin does not bring enough to its blooming and it begins as of 17 years a career from actress by playing the part from a bride in a short-measuring: "illusions of the marriage". The true catch with place in 1993 when it is retained to play in the sitcom "Class Mannequin". 120 episodes later the adventure stops, but Vanessa became a star. It attacks a new kind: the telefilm, with "Cœurs the Caribbean" a series in four episode. In 1995, Vanessa leaves an album: "Dream of girl" (she says more not to want to intend some to speak), it is sold despite everything with 50 000 specimens.

With the failure of "Caribbean Adventures", Vanessa decides to make a station-wagon. It follows courses of theatre and takes part in some short film: "Pretty Amounts", "To the paddle". It makes its return to the cinema with "the Marquis" in 2000 and two years later goes up on the boards in "the monologues of the vagina".
In 2003 Vanessa Demouy tries without much success to give a foot in the world of the song with individual "Of the air", but reorientates themselves quickly towards the comedy while taking part in several plays.

- to eat of all (sweetened, salted, kitchen of all the countries)
- honesty
- music
- Russian literature
- films of Walt Disney
- to laugh (and also to cry...)
- interbreedings
- people (even if that sometimes plays to him of the turns...)
- his/her Karima girlfriend
- its family, her "truths" ami(e)s and Mickey its dog
- its trade
- to think that it is liked
- good wine
- chocolate
- wood
- chimneys
- holidays
- and to work

- hypocritical people
- interested people
- opportunist people
- the green color
- strong alcohols
- to take the plane
- to pack (and demolish) its bags
- to be only...
- rain
- time in winter in Paris

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Vanessa Demouy
Actress Vanessa Demouy
Vanessa Demouy illustration


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Wallpaper Vanessa Demouy

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