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Alain Delon was born on November 8, 1935 in Sceaux. Few after separation of his/her parents, little boy the 4 year old is entrusted to a family reception then is sent in a catholic pension Saint Nicolas d' Ighy. It escapes from it in 1949 to leave towards Chicago, but its dream finishes only a few kilometres from at his place, with the police station.

Alain is thus solved to remain in the right way and continues his studies of pork-butchery in order to take again the family company. But the good-looking young man does not want any to become porkbutcher, it then covered the uniform of soldier and share for Indo-China. Once returned to France, it meets Jean-Claude Brialy who is touched by his charisma and his beautiful mouth. It turns in 1957 in its first film "When the Woman interferes herself some" Yves Allégret. For this day, Delon has been made known France in the United States while passing by Spain or Russia. In hardly a year Alain became a star international. He meets on the turning of "Christine" beautiful Romy Shneider with which he saw an impassioned love. They become engaged officially on March 22, 1959 front the international press. In 1960, it invested in the restoration by buying "the Camargue" a restaurant niçois. Four years later, after having forgotten pretty Romy, it fall into the arms from Nathalie Canovas whom it marries in 1964 and melts the same year the company of production "Delbeau Productions". As gifted into private as to the cinema, the beautiful standard falls the girls, after having had Anthony on September 30, 1964 in Hollywood with Nathalie, it leaves it for Mireille Darc which it meets on turning of "Jeff" and with which it will remain during 15 years.
Whereas Delon became in little time impossible to circumvent French cinema, it diversifies while launching on the market of the products like toilet water, various alcohols and jewel all that under its own mark "Alain Delon Diffusion SA". In 1981, it launches out in the realization "For the skin of a Cop" and replonge in this adventure in 1983 in "the Leaf". The actor decides to make an installation during a few years to settle in Switzerland in a sublime villa. Whereas the actor makes an installation, the seducer is back. Once its history with Mireille finished, it attacks Rosalie van Breemen whom it meets on the turning of a clip. That Ci appears to be the maid, it marries it but after 15 years of insane love, she leaves it and leaves with their two children Anouchka (12 years) and Alain-Fabien (8 years).
Since 2001, one regularly sees it on TF1 in "Fabio Montale". In 2003, elegant Claudia Cardinal gives to him "gold star" of the international festival of film of Marrakech. It also makes its come back with the theatre in "the Russian Mountains" at the sides of Astrid Veillon.
In 2005, Delon was crowned officer of the National Order of the Legion of Honor of France for its "contribution to the art of the world cinema."

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Alain Delon
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