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Delon Alain

Vincent Delerm was born in Rouen on August 31, 1976. Wire of parents professors de Lettres and writers, it grows in a cultural universe which enables him to discover the large French singers. It is quite naturally that in 1993 it assembles its first group "Sad-Lord". He learns the piano as an autodidact and to compose his first songs. When Vincent between at the University of Rouen to follow Modern studies of Letters there, it takes taste with the theatre. However, in spite of its attraction for the scene, it remains dissatisfied of its dramaturgic and theatrical performances. The self-educated pianist then prefers to turn definitively to the song. In 1999, it makes its first true scene with four titles which will be reproduced thereafter on its first album. Its determination and the reception of the public l’encouragent and Vincent settles in Paris or it is not long in being made known.

It makes the meeting of the actor François Morel who makes him a good Radio France publicity. Vincent meets Thomas Fersen at the time of an emission for France Inter, under the charm it invites it to join the stable of the label "Early or Late". In April 2002, Vincent Delerm signs its first album which exceeds, without too much promotion but a long succession in concerts, the bar of the 100 000 sold specimens.
Its songs describe in general scenes of the everyday life. Often humorous, but taking a more serious tone sometimes, its texts evoke the love, the family or friendly relations.
In 2003, it gains the Victoire of the Music in the category "Album Revelation". The following year Vincent Delerm reconsiders the front of the scene with a second album baptized "Kensington Square" which meets a frank success near the public in France but also abroad. At the end of 2006, Vincent Delerm leaves his third opus, "the Punctures Of Spiders" with words always also touching and settings in music more orchestrated than in his preceding albums, Vincent Delerm manages to renew himself and thus continues to enchant us.

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Vincent Delerm
Singer Vincent Delerm
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