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Louis Germain David de Funès de Galarza was born on July 31, 1914 in Courbevoie in a family resulting from the nobility from Seville. He enters the active life by exerting various odd jobs of which he is often made return because of his character. With the day before of the second world war, he becomes pianist and plays in bars of pigalle. It is at this period that it starts to be interested in the comedy and it becomes effective. In 1943, Louis marries Jeanne Barthélémy of Maupassant with whom it will have two wire. From 1945 it starts to return in the trade by making theatre, where its appearances are short, but point out themselves by its comic. In its first scene with the cinema, it is satisfied to open a door, will follow a succession of almost 80 films, always in unimportant roles the ones than the others.

The role which reveals it with the public arrives in 1956 with "the Crossing of Paris" of Claude Autant-Lara. During years which will follow, Louis will play with the largest actors of the time, Gabin, Bourvil, Marais, etc. The majority of its films will be of great commercial success like "the Great Ramble" which succeeded in attracting more than 17 million spectators in the obscure rooms. Louis De Funès dies of a heart disease on January 27, 1983. Today still, it is regarded as one of largest comic French.

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Louis De Funes
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