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De Funes Louis

Cecile De France was born on July 17, 1975 in Namur (Belgium). Impassioned theatre, it follows courses as of its youth and takes part as an amateur in several spectacles. At 17 years, it gives itself the means of carrying out its dream to become actress and comes to settle in Paris to follow courses of dramatic art there. In parallel with her studies and her roles with the theatre, Cécile turns in various short films and telefilms. In 2000, it plays in its first full-length film directed by Richard Berry and is made discover of the public, but it still should await two years and its participation in "the Spanish Inn" to be a real success. To the success of this film comes to be added the same year two very beautiful roles in "Irene" and "A + Pollux". In 2003, Cécile leaves the sentimental register by playing in "High Voltage" a thriller in which it is persecuted by an insane killer.

In 2004, it discovers the United States while playing the sides of Jackie Chan in "the Turn Of the World In 80 Days" then returns in "Confidence Reigns" of Etienne Chatillez before connecting on the turning of "the Russian Headstocks", the continuation of "the Spanish Inn". In spring 2005, Cécile De France is the mistress of ceremony of the Festival closure and opening ceremonies of Cannes, proof if it were necessary of it that Cécile is recognized by her pars and carries high the standard of the cinema. Its diary 2006/2007 is overloaded since the beautiful Cecile De France will be with the poster of step less than seven films parmis which: "Fauteuils D'Orchestre" of Daniele Thompson or "Un Secret" of Claude Miller.

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Cecile De France
Actress Cecile De France
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