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James Byron Dean was born in Marion, Indiana, February 8, 1931, of Winton and Mildred Dean. During its early childhood, its favorite pastime consists in improvising plays de with his/her mother using figurines and of a miniature scene. His/her mother dies of a cancer whereas it is only nine years old, but its love for the comedy is not lunatic. He is the principal actor of plays to the college which gain sharp successes, but the true recognition of his talent with place a few years later, in Broadway.

It is there that Elia Kazan notices it and proposes to him in 1954 an important role in "A is of Eden". It then turns "the Fury of Living" and "Giant". James Dean is also an impassioned racing driver. The purchase of powerful Porsche Spyder, whereas it turns "Giant", appears fatal. September 30, 1955, it finds death in a terrible accident. Its death causes a considerable emotion. In the space of three films it became the symbol of a youth in distress, whose appetite of life is blocked by the generalized incommunication of the modern world.

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