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Emmanuelle Daumas was born on November 23, 1983 in Avignon. It is only daughter and very near to her parents, designers in female linen room. Inspired by artists like Alanis Morisette, Vanessa Paradise, Sheryl Crow, it takes very young person courses of musical theory and piano and composes its first songs as of adolescence. To perfect her competences, Emma puts at the guitar, and practical also the modern dance. Full with enthusiasm and will it passes several castings of which "Seeds of Stars" in 2000.

It is finally in another emission of television that Emma appears with the public in 2002: Academy Star. She misses by little with the victory, but this true springboard launches its career. At the beginning of 2003, it leaves its first individual heading "From day to day" in which it proves its talent of type-setter author. Success is with go and Emma Daumas signs a contract with Polydor. At the end of 2003, its first album leaves: "the swan dive". Great names of the song collaborated in this first album (Maxime the Forester, Maidi Roth, Johan Ledoux and Alex Reverdy) certainly a sign heralding beautiful and long career. In 2006, the beautiful one returns with its second opus "Side effect", which is likely to have a positive effect on its fans since it delivers once again all his talent and its power rock'n'roll to us on texts always such inspired.

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Emma Daumas
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