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Matt Damon was born on October 8, 1970 in Cambridge, in Massachusetts in the USA. After the divorce of his parents in 1972, it moves in with his mother (Nancy) and her brother (Kyle) in a house which it divides with 5 other families. Contrary to Ben Affleck, his best friend, Matt do not dream to become actor qu’à the 12 years age. The two babies stars show their potential on the boards while following their studies to the university of Harvard.
It is at the 18 years age, that Matt takes down its very first role in "Mystic Pizza", and appears thereafter in some films, of which "Geronimo". But it is in 1996, that the light-haired boy points out himself in "A the test of Fire" at the sides of Meg Ryan. The following year, he is the hero of "the Idealist". Then it Co-writing with Ben the scenario of "Will Hunting", in which he divides the high-speed motorboat with Robbin Williams.

The film cases and receives two Oscars that of the best actor for Robbin, and that of the best scenario for the magic duet, but success does not stop there because it is rewarded by a Golden delicious Earth and a Bear for Money in Berlin. "Will Hunting" is a true springboard for Matt, which becomes a star international, and does the one of the media. It collapses under the proposals, and not those of no matter whom. Inter alia Robert Redford, B.B Thornton, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney tear off it. The Damon phenomenon is in place, and full rise. Its diversified play enables him to incarnate characters with the antipodes the ones of the others, enabling him to touch with all the kinds. We will see it in particular in "It is necessary to save the Ryan soldier", "the Legend of Bagger Vance", "Ocean' S eleven" or "The Uggly Americans". In 4 years, it appears in step less than 15 films, it is in this moment with l’affiche D "Ocean' S twelve", of "Jersey Girl" or "The Brothers Grimm".
As much to say that the professional life of talented young man occupies a major part of its time and that it is difficult for him to have a girl friend. But Matt remains very discrete on this subject, contrary to Ben, it does not leave with celebrities and holds preserved to the maximum its private life.

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