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Béatrice Cabarrou was born on December 19, 1964 in Brest. She owes her name of artist with her ex husband, Jean-François Dalle. She grows in Mans and leaves her parents at the 14 years age to join the capital. There, the lucky chance of a meeting enables him to be found in cover of a magazine. This cover is noticed by the agent Domenica Besnehard which seeks a young woman for the first female role of next film of Jean-Jacques Beineix. That Ci fall under the charm from Beatrice is engages it for her film "37°2 the Morning" which gains an international success. With his pulpy mouth, his glance at the same time mocker and lucid Béatrice becomes new the sex-symbol French cinema.

The films which it makes thereafter confine to exploit its sulfurous beauty, but gradually, Béatrice manages to impose her true nature while turning with demanding realizers who wait of an actress more than one irreproachable figure: Jim Jarmusch in "Night One Earth", Claire Denis in "I am not Sleepy", Claude Lelouch in "the Beautiful History" or Bagdadi in "the Girl of the Air". Success is however not always with go but Béatrice, as a woman of character, makes fun of all that and clings to her choices, defending with heat her films. And then moreover, which other French actress can praise herself to have turned with the best representatives of the world cinema?

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Beatrice Dalle
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