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Dalle Beatrice

Etienne Daho was born in Oran (Algeria) on January 14, 1956. His family moved to Britain in the early sixties. He received his tray and then moving towards a license English, but his passion for music is stronger than everything, and in 1979 a meeting with Elie decisive Medeiros and Jacno definitely pushes toward a musical career. In 1980, with a terrible fright, he made his first solo scene Transmusicales de Rennes.

Distinguished by Virgin, he signed a contract in the wake and recorded her first album "Mythomane." Sales did not take off, but the criticism is met by the talent of this young man. The result appears promising, and it is. His second album, "La Notte, La Notte" was released in 1984 matches the favor with the public through, among other things under "Weekend In Rome". The result is a series of albums and tubes: "Like an igloo," Shoulder Tattoo, "Fell For France," "Duel In the Sun", and so on. Recognition becomes European with the album "Paris Elsewhere" and the titles of Etienne was raised to the top of the charts English. Each new album is expected by the public as an event, and "Body And Arms' in 2000," Réévolution "in 2003 or his latest opus" The invitation ", released late 2007, after 4 years of absence, confirmed the Etienne Daho success of which has become an emblematic figure of French pop music.

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Etienne Daho
Singer Etienne Daho
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