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Daho Etienne

Daft Punk was born from the meeting of Guy-Handbook from Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter on the benches of a Parisian college in 1987. The two teenagers listen to the same style of music, which goes from David Bowie in Kiss, while passing by Talking Heads, Serge Gainsbourg or Jimi Hendrix, and form a group very directed rock'n'roll in 1992.

This group it remains only the nickname that criticism gave to the listening of their first individual: Daft Punk, which means punk no one. The adventure rock'n'roll stops in 1993 and the two accomplices turn to the techno a new style of music which makes its entry forces some in France. In 1994, they leave their first individual, but success arrives only the following year with the title "Da Funk" thanks to which they manage to be made a fame in the world of turnips. The Virgin group signs the group and that Ci leaves its first album in 1997: "Homework" which is sold to more than one million specimens. The title "Around The World" is the spearhead of this album east becomes one of the tubes international of the year. After a long series in concerts and a dvd which leaves in 1999 the group marks a pause before returning in 2001 with its second album "Discovery" to the sound plus disco music and which this time is carried by the title "One More Time". The group joins again with success is met a veil on its face while appearing only affublé of full-face helmets. In 2003, Daft Punk is tested with cartoon film without much success. With their third album released in the spring of 2005 the duo organizing a promotional total blackout by not providing any visual and not giving any interview. "Human After All" is a ton lower compared to previous albums but remains good Daft Punk to repetitive loops and haunting. A la suite de cet album Daft Punk share for two years to meet its audience in 22 countries, this gigantic tour is extracted album "Alive", which was released in 2007 to the delight of the public who finds a way mega best improved biggest title of group.

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Daft Punk
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